Development Through Intelligence


CaringCent is your expert college athletics development partner.

We ADD to your development strategy and efforts by combining intelligent technologies with customized service to help you activate the massive, UNTAPPED donation revenue with no additional effort from your staff or new expenses.


Convert Passion

Your fans are passionate about helping your programs achieve greatness.  After the transactional benefits of some donation types, desire for team and student-athlete success on the field and in the classroom are the core motivators for donating.  CaringCent keeps this understanding at the core of partnership activations and has developed specific technologies to convert this passion into donations.

RallyGive Technology connects donations to your fan’s passion for achievement

Together, we activate social media to find you find you new donors.



Access Your National Community

Shared affinity and belonging are the cornerstones of development.  Gameday clubs and networking events will continue to provide development teams with leads and donations, but now CaringCent adds scalable technology to enable enhance the reach of your development efforts through unique camaraderie-building donation technologies.

Gamified Giving maximizes your ability to reach out-of-market supporters and foster community

SwipeGive digital roundup donation platform creates community with your supporters wherever they swipe


Collaborate to Maximize Support

CaringCent empowers your development team to meet prospective donors wherever they are and meet their unique donation preferences.  CaringCent’s history in the nonprofit, philanthropic space uniquely positions our company to supplement partners with the tools they need to reach their specific priorities, from plug-n-play fundraising campaigns to expanding your major gift portfolio.

We customize partnerships to accomplish your specific goals by applying unique expertise 

Caringcent becomes an extension of your staff and enhances productivity

Collaborative approach informed by your goals and unique opportunities

Skilled team staffing proven engagement and fundraising technology as an extension of your staff

Partnership model that does not require upfront expense or ongoing financial risk