Convert Your Engaged Audience into New Recurring Donation Options that Celebrate Your Successes

Your supporter network from coast to coast and beyond is now engaged and understands your impact.  Today’s supporters, particularly those that are not in-market and interested in ticket purchase, have new preferences for supporting the causes they care about.  Data on national giving preferences reveal that today’s supporters are seeking convenient, affordable, fun and impact measured ways to support your athletic department.   

CaringCent has created two recurring donation platforms, RallyGive and SwipeGive, that harness these new preferences and enable your department to generate consistent, recurring donations from your national support base.  And, here’s the best part:  your staff can stay focused on its core duties such as high net-worth donor cultivation while we’re moving the chains on recurring donations.

RallyGive is based on the knowledge that your supporters will invest in the good your athletic department accomplishes on a daily basis.
RallyGive is a proactive pledge program that captures a moment of caring from a supporter and translates it into ongoing financial support.  Your athletic department can set up its own unique metrics of success, which typically include on-field success, academic achievements and community impact.
Different supporters will care about different accomplishments and RallyGive gives them the opportunity to select the good they uniquely care about. RallyGive converts this moment of caring by a supporter into recurring giving. For example, your RallyGive program can include both expected and unexpected events, which helps you maximize the impact of both.
Typical metrics include wins, beating a conference rival, winning a championship, advancing in a tournament, number of student-athletes to earn all-conference all-academic recognition or hours spent in community service.
Each month, our CaringConnector staff generates an impact communication for RallyGive donors that highlights your accomplishments based on the metrics they’ve selected. A business partner can participate in this program by including a “thank you” coupon to RallyGive donors that celebrate their “shared caring.”
The average consumer donates around $11.00 per month at the point-of-sale.  We can all relate to this experience: you’re checking out at a store and a clerk asks you to donate your change to the store-sponsored charity.
SwipeGive enables your athletic department to meet your supporters wherever they swipe.  With SwipeGive, they can redirect these small donations to your good work.  Through SwipeGive, your supporters can register the credit or debit card they make purchases with and then donate the “roundup” (the difference between the purchase amount and the nearest whole dollar) to your athletic department.  These roundups are “pledged” throughout the month and then funded on a monthly basis. SwipeGive supports nearly 95% of the nation’s debit and credit cards so that your out-of-market supporters can support your program wherever they may live.
SwipeGive is made available through your athletic department website and is part of the CaringConnector engagement platform.   This donation platform is well-suited for discrete campaigns, such as the holiday season or March Madness, and includes digital gamification features such as leaderboards and competitions.
And, a business partner can participate in this program by including rewards for a SwipeGive competition!