Your small change means big change for homeless pets:


Take the Spay/Neuter Pledge!

Do you know that the number one cause of death for dogs and cats in Valencia County is euthanasia? Over 1,000+ innocent dog or cats die from it each year? And here’s the thing we like to forget. We are paying for it.

Every month an average of 110 dogs and cats are put down in Valencia County’s shelter. In just week, as you may have seen in the news, over 225 dogs and cats came into the Valencia shelter over 11 days. There’s no way to adopt our way out of this mess.

Here’s the thing: we can change this system today by increasing access to low-cost spay/neuter for low-income residents and targeting pit bulls, Shepard mixes and chihuahuas. These dogs fill cage after cage and often don’t even make it out to rescues in Colorado, Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

It does feel really good to save one dog. Believe me, I’ve spent over half my life doing that and supporting many wonderful rescues. However, we can not adopt our way out of this problem.

It is time for a change. Will you join us? 

How do we save those 110 dogs and cats that are put down every month? Pledge $1.10 for each dog that we spay/neuter. Our goal is to perform 30 per month, actually tackling the real problem and preventing future deaths. You can place a maximum monthly donation cap to stay within your budget.

I’m taking the Spay/Neuter Pledge!