Donor Service Fees

Registering with CaringCent is free for all donors –no enrollment fee or annual contract is required! A minimum monthly donation to the donor’s supported organization of $5.00 or the donor’s monthly roundup amount, whichever is greater, is applied and will be charged to a donor’s funding card. This donation will be made to the Organization of the donor’s choice on a monthly basis as outlined in this document.

To cover operations and support, technology partner fees, ongoing application development and all credit/debit card and ACH/bank processing fees, CaringCent assesses a fee of 8% plus the cost of card processing (estimated at 2.9% plus .30 per processing transaction) on all funds processed through CaringCent. The fees are netted back from the funds processed for an Organization per their agreement with CaringCent so a donor is never hit with any additional charges. Donors may also have the option to cover the card processing fees. If this option is enabled, a donor will have the card processing fees added to their donation amount, thereby increasing the donation to the nonprofit by covering those fees themselves.

CaringCent processes the donations for enrolled Organizations on a monthly basis, after the donation funds have been received from the donors. Additionally, when the Organization receives funds from CaringCent, it is fully “processed” with no extra card processing or ACH fees – just the cash free and clear.

The finer details: Due to the high cost of credit card processing over which CaringCent has no control, CaringCent does not process donations under $5. In this manner, CaringCent can provide much greater value to the Organizations and not cannibalize valuable donation dollars with excessive card processing fees. The donor also has the ability to control the amount of their maximum monthly contribution through the roundup program to any amount $5 or greater per month (simply set the Maximum Contribution Cap in your Donor Dashboard to an amount that is comfortable). If a donor has excess roundups that are above the set maximum monthly contribution, those roundups will be carried over to future months; thereby a donor does not lose any roundup capability.

In the scenario that the Organization you have selected to support has not yet enrolled with CaringCent, your donation will still be sent to the Organization; however, the fee structure for non-enrolled Organizations is 15% plus the cost of card processing. These fees will be reduced to the standard fee structure listed above once the Organization enrolls with CaringCent. The additional fees are to cover the additional cost required to validate the Organization’s status, gather required contact and Organization information, and physically print and mail donation checks to the Organization. Donations will be sent to the Organization once they have reached an aggregate amount of $50 or more. Should an Organization not enroll with CaringCent within 90 days, CaringCent reserves the right to cancel future donations to such an Organization at their sole discretion.

Please consult with your tax professional or advisor on any matters related to the potential for tax deductibility on any portion of your donation and/or other taxable matters.