Direct Revenue from Social Media Conversion & Ongoing Engagement

Congratulations. You are now building a new, national and engaged audience.  Throughout this process, our team and technology will assist you in generating direct revenue.

Revenue generation includes funneling this new audience to existing revenue options such as home/away tickets, merchandise or existing fundraising appeals.

We also include new revenue generating options directly in the email conversion and engagement process:

Micro-Auction: Revenue & Data Capture

CaringConnector includes a turnkey online auction site that we strategically deploy throughout the engagement cycle. The auction acts just like eBay, but with your brand, while “micro” refers to only a few auction items being available to sell at a time.

Typically, a few “high-profile” gear or merchandise items are included, such as a helmet or jersey. CaringConnector then exposes this auction to your entire national audience.

Of course, you generate direct revenue from the auction, but arguably, the data capture from the auction is even more valuable.

For example, an auction may receive 500 bids but only have two winners.  You now have the email and contact information for the 498 “non-winners,”along with their interest and willingness to spend. You now have an “active” audience for a secondary revenue appeal.

Engagement Revenue Quiz

Engaging content that captures supporter data is a core component of your CaringConnector plan. These engagement assets present the opportunity to generate direct revenue.

For example, an engagement quiz can include a “reward” item, typically an item from a media rights partner that is sponsoring the quiz series or a gear item.  

Respondents who, “ace” the quiz receive an automatic entry to the raffle, whereas respondents who do not can donate to receive an entry.

Similar to the micro-auction, this tactic generates not only new revenue, but captures valuable data that you can then leverage with a direct appeal.