Enable Your Followers To Support Your Everyday Impact

Attract New Donors and Increase Recurring Donations from Existing Supporters 

Your supporters care about the great work you do on daily basis.  Our RallyGive platform helps you and your supporters celebrate the small but meaningful accomplishments that you achieve throughout a month.  Supporters can proactively support you when you’re making the impact they care about.  This makes sense – the more services you provide, the more resources you need. This donation experience – wrapped in your brand – drives continual engagement. Like all of our programs, you don’t need to change how you’re currently processing donations – RallyGive serves as another option to attract new supporters and increase recurring support from existing supporters.

 donor stewardship

Donor Pipeline

Donor Engagement through our easy to use technology platform and strong success based model.

 engaged donors

Attract Millenial Donors

Our rally give program means Millenials have a simple way to link their cards to your organization and donate based off of specific metrics.


How does RallyGive work?

A RallyGive pledge is a small monetary contribution, often less than a dollar, that a donor pledges to make at the end of the month based on an accomplishment achieved by your organization.  For example, if you are an animal welfare organization, you could set up a RallyGive program where supporters pledge a donation of $1.00 for every animal adoption; at the end of a month when you’ve had 18 animals adopted, supporters would each have pledged a donation of $18.00.

At the end of each month, CaringCent works with you to communicate your accomplishments to your supporters, and processes the donations.

Examples of current RallyGive programs: