See how great causes have increased their recurring donations by more than 5X through RallyGive Engagement

A “Bat-tastic” Success:
Bat World Sanctuary’s
Sunshine Bat Rescue Club

The Sunshine Bat Rescue Club helps supporters stay connected each month in a meaningful way by basing support on the number of bat’s rescued each month.  The Sunshine Bat Rescue Club has now also been added to their regular donation page, so that when supporters make a one-time donation, they have a compelling recurring donation option that rallies around Bat World’s core mission.  And, the Sunshine Bat Club – as a standalone call to action – has brought in more than 40 new recurring donors!  In 4 months, Bat World has increased its recurring donations by 600% with more than 95% donor retention in that time period.

The Kirk Gibson Foundation’s
Team23 to Beat Parkinson’s

We all know Kirk Gibson for his memorable career as an MLB All-Star and Hall of Famer.  Kirk and his foundation have now moved on to their next challenge – beating Parkinson’s Disease through cooperation, teamwork and collaboration.  The Foundation has applied CaringCent’s RallyGive platform in creating its Team23 program through which supporters can pledge to support the great work made possible by its partners.  In its first 3 months, Team23 has created a growing foundation of recurring supporters rallying around its core mission. More than 50% of the foundation’s donors participate in Team23 as a recurring support option.

Georgia O’Keeffe Elementary School
Bringing Together a Community of Support

Our schools do so much good!  We’ve developed a way to celebrate that good through recurring support!  We helped GOK celebrate the good deeds done by students through an RallyGive engagement program aligned with support from local businesses who share in the caring!  Following the pledge program, supporters then opted-in to SwipeGive donations – roundup donations made from purchases with a registered credit or debit card.  Our menu of recurring donation options will help attract new donors and keep them engaged!

GOK increased its monthly fundraising by more than 5x throughout the school year simply by following our MakeCents marketing plan!

New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence
Celebrating its Daily Efforts to Create Change

We helped New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence (NMPGV) to highlight and celebrate its two core outreach programs that are the hallmark of its efforts:  “Guns to Gardens” Gun Buyback Program and School Murals programs.  Now, supporters can support the growth of these programs and rally around the good they’re generating on a monthly basis.  Supporters can join a pledge program directly or choose a pledge program as a recurring option.  NMPGV has more than tripled its number of recurring supporters over the past six months.

Supporters receive communications that highlight the progress these two critical programs have made as a result of their support.  This ongoing engagement is all part of the RallyGive program.