Bringing Passion, Expertise and Random Fan Knowledge to College Athletics 

We started out as three somewhat middle-aged technology and marketing executives in Albuquerque separated by geography from our respective and beloved collegiate alma maters.  In the midst of college football football season, we all felt disconnected from the pageantry and passion exhibited by our home football crowds.  Cursed with the lifelong entrepreneurial itch, we began our investigation of how college athletic departments engage both in-market supporters and out-of-market fans like ourselves.  We quickly learned that college athletic departments actually have finite resources and rightfully train these resources on in-market engagement with a focus on selling season tickets and cultivating relationships with large donors. 

With our background in digital marketing and fundraising technology (and over a combined century’s worth of college sports trivia knowledge), we identified incredible opportunity in supporting athletic departments’ engagement of its national and sometimes international followings.  We noticed that these organization’s have massive social media followings with incredible untapped potential for financial support.  With the speed and efficiency of a well-executed 2-minute scoring drive, we combined our expertise in digital marketing and fundraising technology with our zeal for the mission of college athletics to create our CaringConnector Engagement platform and our RallyGive and SwipeGive donation technologies.   CaringConnector provides leading edge engagement technology to college athletic departments with a fractional service components that generates supporter data and revenue directly from social media followings.  And, our RallyGive and SwipeGive technologies are built on the preferences of how today’s college athletic fans prefer like to support their alma maters.

Today, we enjoy every conversation and visit with our college athletic partners and take great pride in helping our partners advance their mission in tangible new financial support.  And, we finally are making use of our encyclopedic knowledge of random college sports facts!