Unlock the Donation Potential of Your Support Base

Your organization has built a passionate support base visible through your social media following.  CaringCent provides you with the intelligent technology and skilled service to enable your organization to unlock the donation potential of your support base.  This process occurs under your strategic direction and editorial oversight, without slowing your team down.  CaringConnector powerfully converts your social media following into new donor leads and grooms these prospective donors through continual e-mail engagement.  Our RallyGive and SwipeGive fundraising technologies meet the giving preferences of today’s donors and solves the problem of new donor acquisition and recurring giving.

 easy integration

Easy Integration

Hosted on our secure platform, all you need to do is share a simple url with your supporters!

 ongoing support

Ongoing Support

You’ll have our full support at start-up and beyond with marketing and ongoing donor communications.

 engaged donors

Engaged Donors

Ongoing communications means your donors stay connected and motivated, resulting in high donor retention!

 donor stewardship

Donor Stewardship

Monthly giving cultivates donors over time, moving them into the donor pipeline for major gifts.

security shield


Data security is of utmost importance to us.  We do not store bank login information or transactions on our servers;  all data is entered into our partner’s system that meets the highest standards in data security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.  We will never sell, rent, or otherwise provide your or your donors’ personal identifiable information to anyone, for any reason.

Who doesn’t love monthly donors! Thanks to our partnership with CaringCent, we have doubled our monthly donors, and the numbers keep growing.
Diane Adkin

Executive Director, The Land of Canaan Foundation

It is not often in life you find people literally dedicated to doing good, to making the world a better place. Enter the the remarkable individuals at CaringCent, who contacted us out of the blue one day with an offer to help support our mission. We spend a good part of the day not only rescuing bats, but also raising awareness for our cause and, of course, trying to stay afloat by raising donations. Fundraising is so competitive these days, and donors are often met with pressure to give at the checkout counter to a cause other than their favorite. Now, thanks to CaringCent, donors have the option to direct their change at check out to the non-profit they support, the one they choose. The entire process is enjoyable for the donor, it is safe for their money and it gives what the donor deserves most – satisfaction they are doing what they can without impacting their budget. Thank you, CaringCent, for significantly increasing our support system. Because of this, we can direct more time and energy toward our mission, which makes us and our donors even happier. CaringCent absolutely ROCKS!
Amanda Lollar

Founder and President, Bat World Sanctuary

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