New Mexico State University

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Out-of-market Activation With Focus on Albuquerque, Phoenix, and Dallas.

New Fundraising Technology

Increased Lead Base


By The Numbers



in new donation dollars from customized fundraising technologies, optimized through intelligent ongoing social conversion and digital email engagement.


Major Gift Candidates

States Engaged

Donor Profile

Donor Profile

CaringCent customized technology and skilled service fully unlocked donation revenue potential through all channels and outlets for New Mexico State. 

The collaborative process focused on major gift and annual fund sourcing in order to assist local development teams. In addition, CaringCent demonstrated tremendous revenue upside by scoring additional donations through CaringCent custom donation technologies.


Fundraising Technology 

Social Conversion Campaigns 

Screening and Segmenting

Engagement cadence and tracking



In addition to dishing major gift and annual fund leads to the New Mexico State development team, the CaringCent process has identified thousands of Aggie supporters that laregely lived out-of-market and did not fall into major gift or scholarship fund categories. Together, CaringCent and New Mexico State leveraged multiple fundraising campaign technologies to generate thousands of new danation dollars from supporters.



Gamified Giving

Big Win Campaigns


New Mexico State RallyGive

Social Conversion

Social Conversion

Content Development

Together, the New Mexico State communication and development teams collaborate with CaringCent on a weekly basis to fine-tune a digital conversion and engagement content schedule that maximizes the impact of high profile moments of the athletics calendar such as; pre-season,  big wins and conference championships. This thoughful approach has identified and engaged thousands of new Aggie supporters outside of Las Cruces. 

Conversion Focus

Based on our understanding of donor behaviors, we know followers are more likely to engage via social media but less likely to donate. Our conversion focus is designed to gather and segment qualified leads in order to engage them through alternative channels, such as e-mail.

Engagement Cadence

Email Engagement

Intelligent Email Engagement

After converting and understanding our segments, CaringCent deployed a robust, customized email content campaign engineered to move leads toward a major gift or fundraising technology campaign. 

  • Segmented and customized initial emails based on target demographic
  • Follow-up emails based on opens and clicks
  • Reminder emails based on engagement level

Lead Segmenting and Wealth Screening

CaringCent provided NMSU actionable leads. Leads that have been vetted through our intellegent screening process and then segmented into a consumable format. This process enables targeting by wealth/ability to give, location, and interests. CaringCent provides NMSU these leads in an effecient manner leading to major gift pursuit and annual fund membership.

NMSU Map Engagment