Join the Movement to End Gun Violence

Let’s not forget this moment.  Together, we can take daily steps to end gun violence in our schools.

New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence is mobilizing concerned New Mexicans across our state to reduce gun violence and prevent future tragedies.  Our gun buyback program, “Guns to Gardens,” is reducing the stock of unwanted firearms, while our school outreach program is engaging our children in meaningful discussions about gun violence prevention.

Now, more than ever, your ongoing support will help ensure recent tragedies in Parkland, FL and Aztec, NM do not happen again.  Together, we can translate this moment of awareness in our community into lasting change.  To accomplish this, we have established two pledge programs that will enable you to have a direct impact on reducing gun violence:

“Guns to Gardens” Gun Buyback Pledge Program:

Many New Mexicans have firearms that they no longer want or can’t keep safe. Our buyback program enables the safe handover of these firearms, with the added benefit of converting them to gardening tools! By pledging $12.00 each time we hold a buyback, you can empower the buybacks at locations across the state!  We have taken hundreds of guns off the streets, including many of semi-automatic handguns and assault weapons at buyback events which occur once every few months. These programs require considerable effort and resources, and by joining our “Guns to Gardens” pledge program, you will help ensure these buybacks continue!  We will keep you posted monthly on the impact of your pledge.

“School Mural” Outreach Pledge Program:

NMPGV works closely with our young people because we feel that their voices are crucial in the fight to end gun violence.  Murals to End Gun Violence is a program we started in 2016 to help raise awareness among youth on the issue of gun violence prevention.  We have completed four murals and are now working on our fifth at Bernalillo High School.  By pledging $10.00 each time we conduct a School Mural program, you give students a positive environment to articulate and express their concerns about an issue that directly impacts their safety, and teaches them about the importance of civic participation.  Monthly, we’ll share photos and stories with you that demonstrate your impact.

Pledge to End School Gun Violence

    By joining us, you're pledging $12.00 each time we hold a gun buy back program in New Mexico. We hold these programs about 1x every few months. We will fund your pledge at the end of each month.
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    By joining us, you're pledging $10.00 each time we engage a school with our school mural program. We hold these programs about 2x per month.
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Guns to Garden Buy Back Program in Action

School Mural Engagement Program in Action