Messaging Campaign: Your Change, Your Choice!

Use the materials below to reach out to your community of supporters to help them start donating their checkout counter change to you this holiday season and beyond!

What is ‘Your Change, Your Choice’?

As we go about our daily shopping, especially during this busy gift-giving season, we are asked to donate a dollar or some change to a charity at the checkout.  As a matter of fact, during the month of December, donors will average giving $16.34 at the checkout!   While checkout generosity is great, the downside of the current practice is that the change YOU donate goes to the organization that the STORE selects.  This is where ‘Your Change, Your Choice!’ comes in!

We think that where you donate YOUR change should be YOUR choice!  With CaringCent, you support the cause YOU care about at checkout.  Plus, you have a record of these small donations to keep track of in your budget or at tax time!

What do I do now?

Spread the word to your community of supporters!  Below you will find an email you can blast out to your list, as well as various posts and tweets you can schedule in your social media feed.  We’ve also provided a few images that you can download to include with your social media messaging!

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