It’s cold out there!  Share these seasonal messages on Facebook to grow your Roundup donor base!

What do I do?

Share the below images and text on Facebook!  Regularly reminding your supporters of your Roundup donation option will grow this recurring donor base over time.  Just right-click these Facebook-sized images to save them, and copy and paste the test—be sure to update with your Facebook @username and your Roundup page url!

Baby it’s cold outside!  Register to roundup for @facebookusername and all that hot chocolate, winter gear, and warm weather vacations you’re going to need to buy will also support <organization name or activities>!  Sign up now: <enter your CaringCent url here–shorten with>

Keep your feet up! It’s easy to support  @facebookusername when you register to roundup–purchases made on your favorite card are automatically rounded up and donated to <organization name or activities>! <enter your CaringCent url here–shorten with>

You can outfit your favorite snowman AND support  @facebookusername  at the same time!  Learn more: <enter your CaringCent url here–shorten with>

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