Social Media Campaign:  Lazy Summer Days!

Use the materials below to remind your community of supporters that summer is a great time to start supporting your organization with CaringCent!

What is this campaign about?

Summertime is for hammocks, pools, lemonade, and all sorts of fun!  But you don’t want to forget about the cause you care about when you’re enjoying the warm weather, and with CaringCent, you don’t have to!  With CaringCent, you can just ‘set it and forget it!’, meaning it takes just minutes to set up your CaringCent account, and then you can get back to the fun!  With every purchase of ice cream, sunscreen—whenever you swipe your registered card—you will be rounding up to support your favorite organization!


What do I do now?

Spread the word to your community of supporters!  Below you will find posts and tweets you can schedule in your social media feed, plus a few images that you can download to include with your social media messaging!  Click any of the images below to download.


Click to download pdf

Click to open downloadable image sized for Facebook, and then right-click to save image.

Click for downloadable image sized for twitter, and then right-click to save image.

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