Get Ready to Launch!

Now that you’ve made the smart decision to make CaringCent a part of your fundraising plan, it’s time to start putting together a plan to ensure a successful launch!  Below you will find a marketing plan that you can use as a source of inspiration in putting together your own plan, follow it step-by-step, or somewhere in between.  You will also find a checklist of materials you need to get to us to ensure your CaringCent page is up and ready at launch time.

1. Complete Housekeeping Checklist

2. Get Marketing & Communications in place

Launch Materials Checklist

This checklist will help you gather the materials needed for us here at CaringCent to set up your customized donor registration page on the CaringCent platform as well as get your account set up to receive donations.

Launch Plan

In order to get your CaringCent launch off to a successful start, there are some key communications that you need to get in place.  We’ve listed them and provided samples to get you started!

Social Media Launch Calendar

Hype Video

Social media launch calendar

Use this social media calendar to help you get the word out on your upcoming CaringCent launch!

Dramatic version:

Upbeat version:

To request a hype video, click the button below or email

The hype video is a great way to generate some excitement pre-launch, at launch, or to share the results of your donor’s support through CaringCent.  If you are interested in us preparing one of these videos for you, we will need the following:

  • 10-12 images that tell your organization’s story—the problem, the results you achieve, and the efforts along the way
  • Your logo
  • when you would like the video for (pre-launch, launch, or during ongoing CaringCent campaign)
  • Any notes on messaging
  • The fee for this video is $125, which covers our costs in producing it, plus any needed edits