College Athletic Departments: Converting and Engaging Your Social Audience into Revenue

Your athletic department and sport programs have a massive revenue opportunity available through your social media channels that can be converted into college athletics fundraising. 

These followers have put their hand up to say, “I care” and it is our job – together – to lead these supporters through an engagement journey that results in revenue for your college athletic department. 

They are largely anonymous – you do not know exactly who they are. We leverage our technology and support services, under your editorial oversight, to help you accomplish your goals.

Engage & Convert into Email Addresses

The goal of this phase is to increase your email subscriber list nationally. Why?  For two reasons: Your social media following is anonymous – we don’t know who or where they are! And, social media is not a primary donation channel – individuals are eight times more likely to donate via email than through social media. 

Our team leverages our CaringConnector technology and create engagement assets such as fan quizzes with leaderboards that not only engage your social media followers, but results in acquiring their email address and other data.

We generate engagement content that not only celebrates the impact your student-athletes are having on the field, in the classroom and in the community, but also captures supporter data and leads them down the donor path.

Ongoing Cultivation of New Leads

Your increased email subscriber list has taken the next step in their engagement journey.

Now, we help you impress upon these subscribers the impact your athletic department and student-athletes are having on campus and beyond by curating the great stories that your SIDs and local media produce everyday.

Incredible content on your programs and student-athletes is produced regularly, almost overwhelming your supporters. For example, this content includes feature stories, short videos or posts via social media and game recaps. Under your editorial direction, CaringCent’s writers curate these disparate sources into compelling digital communications sent to your newly-subscribed email list.

These communications also are distributed through the program’s social media accounts and include email subscription buttons so that social followers can instantly subscribe to your newsletter feed.