How does it work?
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Don’t let checkout counter coercion take advantage of your goodwill. If you choose to donate, CaringCent allows you to decide which nonprofit receives your change while you keep the tax benefit. Register a debit/credit card now to make a small difference everyday.

[roun-ding; verb]

A marginally clever term for the mathematical process that generates “virtual change” from a purchase made with a debit or credit card – for example, a $32.37 purchase is rounded to $33.00, generating $0.63 in virtual change. CaringCent enables donors to send this change to an organization through a secure, fun, and rewarding donation platform. Even more clever, our rounding platform will grow and energize your donor base. Micro-donations (a very lame term) refers to rounding. It is the fastest growing donation type. Join your colleagues in the micro-movement!

How it works

After a quick registration with CaringCent, you will be on your way to offering your donors an affordable and easy way to support you.  Your donors register a debit or credit card with CaringCent, and select you as the organization they choose to support.  Every time they swipe that card, the purchase amount is rounded up to the next whole dollar and the difference goes to you!

rounding example

How large is your current donor base?
CaringCent helps you attract new donors--how many might we get?
What percentage of your donors do you estimate will sign up for CaringCent?

Year One Raised: $0 /year (net)

We don't want to oversell you. This estimate is based on a very conservative monthly roll-up to the year end usage percentage you provided.

Future Years: $0 /year (net)

This estimate is very conservative and assumes you add no new donors to your CaringCent program in future years--which is unlikely.