Become a member of Team Eleanor!

Donate $3.00 per vet visit each month to keep our pigs healthy.

A few years back, Dan and Brittany—founders of Central Texas Pig Rescue—decided to add a pet pig to their existing menagerie of dogs and backyard chickens.  “Eleanor” quickly stole their heart, and became the inspiration for their rescue.  CTPR is now home to over 100 rescued pigs, and caring for these guys is a huge (and expensive) responsibility.  Just keeping our curly-tailed residents healthy requires multiple visits from the vet each month!
Team Eleanor was named in honor of our very first special pig.  As a member, you will be an integral part of the day-to-day running of CTPR—and help provide for the care needed to keep the pigs’ healthy—by pledging just $3.00 for every visit to the vet required during the month (typically around six times each month, sometimes more, sometimes less).  If you share in our mission of advocating, educating, and rehabilitating our special friends, please consider showing your support by joining Team Eleanor!

How it works

When you register for Team Eleanor, you pledge to donate $3.00 each time a pig requires veterinary care during the month.  At the end of the month, we’ll total up the number of pigs requiring care, and you’ll donate $3.00 x that number.  For example, we generally have about 6 pigs requiring veterinary care each month, which would be 6 x $3.00 or an $18 donation at the end of the month.  As part of Team Eleanor, you’ll receive a monthly summary of our veterinary activities.  And, you can cap your monthly donation so that you support only as appropriate for your budget.

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