Promote Community Engagement Wherever Your Members Swipe 

Empower your members to support locate nonprofits when they make purchases  

​Your members feel uncomfortable and pressured with the fast-growing POS donation solicitation model at retailers, restaurants and gas stations. Your Credit Union is uniquely positioned to provide a better POS donation model. Enhance your community brand and increase member loyalty by engaging your members with choice and participation.  Together, we will reform this dynamic to create member-led local impact.

[roun-ding; verb]

A marginally clever term for the mathematical process that generates “virtual change” from a purchase made with a debit or credit card – for example, a $32.37 purchase is rounded to $33.00, generating $0.63 in virtual change. CaringCent enables donors to send this change to an organization through a secure, fun, and rewarding donation platform. Even more clever, our rounding platform will grow and energize your donor base. Micro-donations are donations that are small in amount—like rounding up to the next dollar at the checkout and donating the difference. It is the fastest growing donation type—join your colleagues in the micro-movement!