Remember the old days, when you paid with cash for your groceries and could drop the loose change in a donation can to help out an organization you cared about?  Now, the practice of small and affordable donations to a cause you care about IS BACK – in a fun and secure way that meets the demands of your busy life and one that allows you to track and retain your tax deduction.
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How it works:


  1. Sign up in minutes: go to <insert your CaringCent account page url here> to create a register to roundup!
  2. Go shopping! Whenever you make a purchase, use the card you registered to round with. Your purchase will be automatically rounded up and the change will go to <organization name or programs – ie ‘feeding the hungry’ or ‘hurricane victims’>.
  3. Spread the word. This small change adds up when combined with other donors! Don’t forget to spread the word to your community and get their support for the cause you care about!
  4. Access information about your donations and rounding transactions by logging into your account, available at any time!
  • Unlike when you donate a few coins at the cash register, when you register your debit or credit card to roundup in support of the cause you care about, you get tax receipts for your rounding donations!
  • You can have a real impact on the cause you care about.  Your regular rounding donations will forge a stronger relationship with and provide the much needed support to the organization that is meaningful to you.
  • Your rounding donation account can help you stay on top of your budget!  At any time, you can see exactly how much your are donating.  You can set a monthly donation maximum, or even make a spot donation if you want to contribute more.
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