Learn How We Collaborate through Intelligent Technology and Skilled Service to Increase Donations

Your organization has a massive social media following that holds incredible donation potential, including major gift leads. 

CaringCent brings the technology and skilled service needed to fully unlock the donation revenue available to you from your social media network, lapsed donors and even current contributors. 

We provide this technology and service to you through a collaborative approach under your editorial control.  

This collaborative process dishes assists to your development team and scores additional donations through custom donation technologies.

Scroll down to learn how we partner to maximize donations to your organization. 


Together, we leverage your great content and our gamification technology to convert thousands of news leads from your social media following!


You likely have tens or even hundreds of thousands of social media followers who are anonymously following your organization.  These followers have taken the first step in a possible donation journey by following your accounts.  But, you don’t know who they are! We work together under your editorial oversight to leverage our technology and your existing content (images, stories and videos) to create engagement assets that convert these unknown followers into “known leads.”   These gamified posts distributed through your channels result thousands of new donor leads and, importantly, supporters are 8x more likely to donate through an email appeal than a social media post.

Through our intelligent technology, we automatically segment these leads to make them useful for your development team


We don’t want to “firehose” your team with new leads that aren’t actionable.  Rather, our skilled team leverages our technology to segment these leads by wealth/ability to give, location and interests.  Through our collaboration, we efficiently share these new leads with you to empower your core competencies of major gift pursuit and and standard donation offerings.


Under your editorial oversight, our team of writers leverage powerful email technology and your ongoing content to generate custom email engagement for your lead base.


As an extension of your team, we create ongoing email engagement, segmented by lead type, that creates ongoing interaction with your lead list to move them along the donor journey.  This consistent “drip” engagement curates the best news from your organization and adds a layer of compelling “storytelling,” extending the reach of your team across the country.

Our technology tracks engagement and intelligently identifies when it’s time for a personal touch from your team!


We focus this entire process on making sure your team is operating as efficiently as possible.  Our technology tracks each lead’s engagement with email content.  We identify when a lead has moved along the email engagement continuum to the point where you and your team should make personalized contact on the way to closing a gift!

This collaborative process dishes assists to your team and generates new donations from everyone else through our custom donation campaigns.


Your development team is really good at closing major gift leads and standard donation appeals.  Our ongoing collaboration continually generates ready to act leads in these two categories for your team.  In addition, we’ll generate thousands of new leads that don’t respond to these standard solicitations but still have incredible giving potential.  We’ve developed customized donation technologies that meet the giving preferences of these groups.  Together, we’ll leverage our technology to create custom fundraising campaigns that generate new donations for your organizations.

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