Case of the Mondays? We know the feeling. So we’ve put together a list of recent articles in the charity world that we found interesting to save you the Google searching. For more links to great articles, follow us on Twitter at @CaringCent.

To State the Online-vious – In today’s world, there’s not much in our lives that goes unplugged. npENGAGE gives us a look at how online-use has changed the nonprofit world and the importance of staying “connected” with your donor base.

9 Tips for Making a Multichannel Fundraising Ask – Nonprofit Hub – “Your audience is in more than one place—you need to be, too.” Nonprofit Hub shares some tips on how to add a multichannel approach to your fundraising. But don’t forget to include CaringCent in the mix!

What Are Nonprofit Boards Concerned About in 2016? – Are you in tune with your organization’s Board of Directors? Nonprofit Quarterly shares results from a survey that questions the current concerns of board members. The results may be surprising.

How Compassion Fatigue Can Overwhelm Charity Workers — and What to Do About It – Compassion fatigue is a real thing and The Chronicles of Philanthropy delves into its causes and symptoms, and guides readers in how to keep charity workers from burn-out.

How Millennials Have Disrupted Traditional Charitable Giving – Millennials are changing the face of giving and it’s time for nonprofits to get on board. shares how millennials are giving and where they’re sharing their experiences.