Bat World Sanctuary

In addition to the over 400 permanent residents cared for daily at Bat World Sanctuary, we rescue hundreds of bats annually and return them back to the wild. We also support organizations both nationally and internationally that rescue and release bats back to the wild. In fact, we track these efforts on our Rescue Log which highlights the great work we’re doing across the GLOBE!
But, each time we provide support, we spend a little more of our precious time and resources.  By donating $0.88 each time we
provide assistance through our Sunshine Bat Rescue Club, you will enable continued support of bats in need worldwide.  Why $0.88 cents? Because that is the year of our very first rescue of a bat named “Sunshine”, who became the inspiration for Bat World Sanctuary. Since then, tens of thousands of bats around the world have been rescued in her name.

How it works

When you register for the Sunshine Bat Rescue Club, you pledge to donate $0.88 each time we support the rescue of a bat.  We use the Rescue Log as the “official” counter.  At the end of the month, you’ll donate $0.88 for each bat rescued that month per the Rescue Log.  For example, the Rescue Log highlighted the help of 16 bats in December 2017, which would have generated a $14.08 donation.  We’ll provide you with a monthly summary that highlights the number of bats you helped to rescue. And, you can cap your monthly donation so that  you support only as many rescues as is appropriate for your budget.

Thank You For Your Generosity & Support