Most athletic departments have a large out-of-market following, partly represented by its social media footprint. 

These followers have identified themselves as potential financial supporters of your department, but how do you engage and convert this social following into new revenue?

Finite development resources are rightfully dedicated toward in-market transaction-based giving (season tickets) and cultivating relationships with high-net worth donors.

But, massive untapped financial potential exists out-of-market. Our CaringConnector and RallyGive services and technology enables your department to efficiently tap the full potential of your social media following.

To CaringCent, these passive supporters that follow your posts and throw out a few comments are gold in the ground.  We have the game-plan to mine them at scale.

Convert Your Social Audience Through Engagement & Gamification

Using our proven CaringConnector digital engagement technology, we mine that gold and turn social media followers into ready-to-act email subscribers while generating new revenue along the way.

CaringConnector leverages leading engagement and gamification technology which starts your followers on the donation journey.

Under your editorial oversight, our team curates content produced by your SIDs along with local and national media coverage to create digital conversion assets, such as fan quizzes, social leaderboards, photo challenges and other content that result in a mobilized social network and valuable new supporter data for your development and annual fund teams.

We provide the technology and muscle for your turnkey digital ground game while your team continues to pursue its core tasks.

Direct Revenue from Social Media Conversion

In addition to engaging your supporters and capturing new data, CaringConnector’s engagement solution generates direct revenue in addition to engaging your supporters and capturing valuable new data.

CaringConnector identifies in-market and out-of-market “transactional” supporters by leveraging engagement raffles and micro-auctions that promote gear and merchandise.

These tactics not only identify and capture supporter data, but generate reliable new revenue every month.

Convert Your Engaged Audience into New Donation Options that Celebrate Your Successes

National data reveals that today’s supporters want to support your department in different ways than previous generations.

Today’s fans increasingly prefer support options that are convenient, fun, transparent and goal-based.

Our RallyGive fundraising platform is built on these preferences and enables your department to convert a moment of caring into ongoing, recurring support.

Through RallyGive, supporters can pledge support for athletics, community service and academic accomplishments that happen every day on your campus.  You will be proactively positioned to fully monetize expected (or unexpected) successes.

If you are not as successful as you hoped on the field, your department’s incredible accomplishments in the classroom and your community continue to drive donations.

End Result: Turnkey National Engagement and Ongoing New Recurring Revenue 

Together, CaringCent’s CaringConnector and RallyGive solution and service enables athletic departments to increase, convert and generate revenue from social media followings.

Our approach leads your supporters down field, brings them into the red zone and converts these supporters into scores for your development and annual fund divisions.

We complement and extend your department’s existing fundraising efforts while creating lasting new revenue that celebrates your department’s ongoing successes.