M Bilotti

Marilyn Bilotti, Marketing Maestro

Heading up CaringCent’s marketing efforts, Marilyn brings expertise in the areas of marketing communications, branding, and marketing strategy, as well as product development experience for a variety of products, from credit cards to fortune cookies! With experience in building new marketing programs and departments, in both large as well as small entrepreneurial companies, she is excited to help bring CaringCent to nonprofit organizations to assist in their fundraising efforts, as well as provide client marketing support to ensure their success.

Marilyn holds a BS in Finance from Wayne State University and an MBA in Marketing from the Anderson School at UCLA. When she’s not busy hatching a marketing plan, you can find her plotting her next travel adventure, tearing out recipes that she rarely has time to make, or fulfilling snack requests from her kids.

A favorite coin memory from Marilyn:

I always keep an eye out for 1964 or earlier nickels, because while growing up, my dad always said ‘keep those, they’re worth more!’ per the common lore. So I dutifully did (and then dutifully spent them!). Not too long ago, I looked up exactly what was so special about those 1964 nickels—it turns out that up until 1964, it was dimes and quarters that were made of 90% silver! The nickels have essentially been made of the same material since 1866 (except war years), and are worth exactly—5 cents! I’m still sentimental