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Lowell Williams, Co-founder, Architect of Change & Grill Whisperer

Lowell grew up in Albuquerque and attended Sandia Prep High School, now a CaringCent client (they only signed up after Lowell served his last outstanding detention). He graduated from Baylor University (also known as the top tier football program that schedules the easiest non-conference schedule of all major conference programs ~ according to his CaringCent colleagues) holding a degree in English Literature that he masterfully applied to the field of…um, construction.

Lowell has spent the majority of his career as a builder and contractor in New Mexico. He’s responsible for several of the pretty homes that dot the Albuquerque landscape. In this capacity, he managed very complex and high-end projects that required careful coordination and always had to result in client satisfaction. Now, he brings those project management skills to CaringCent.

Referred to as an “Accidental Genius” by his CaringCent co-founders, Lowell is also a master at grilling, smoking and most importantly consuming meat. His steady and level hand helps guide our clients through successful launch and ongoing use of the CaringCent platform. If he has a question, he asks his wife who runs a very successful area non-profit.