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Jack Hill, Co-founder, COO/CFO

Jack was born in Colorado where he was raised under the constant threat of a Sasquatch attack. He attended the University of Colorado where he majored in bungee-ing (which shows his age, as bungee was still hip then). After finishing at Boulder, his entrepreneurial spirit took hold and he founded one of the nation’s first bungee companies. Later, he traded his harness for a starched dress shirt and tie and worked for a large management consulting company, focusing on strategy and operations. From this experience, he and several colleagues founded Integ, a technology company that developed applications for the deregulated utility industry. But Jack is not clever enough to be a developer, instead he merely served as the CFO/COO.

Drumroll please. At Integ, Jack’s firm took on a contract with CredentialSmart , where his CaringCent colleague Jim Wills, served as VP of business development and board member. After a candle-lit cafeteria lunch, Jack soon joined CredentialSmart as COO/CFO. Ultimately, Jim and Jack helped steer CredentialSmart to a successful acquisition.

Today, when not hunting Bigfoot or planning for its reprisals, he serves as CaringCent’s CFO/COO working with Jim once again. When not at CaringCent, he’s mining for gold in Bolivia (I think Pablo Escobar said the same thing).

Jack earned his BA from the university of Colorado at Boulder and then an MBA with a focus on finance from the Simon School at the University of Rochester (where he also minored in snow shoveling).

A favorite coin memory from Jack:
My fav but boring story is that when I was around 6, my dad, brother and I were camping at an abandoned gold mining camp in the Rockies and I found an old penny in the dirt by our camp fire. It turned out to be pretty old (1919). My dad then told me how when he and his buddies were kids they would save their “pennies” to go to the movies and buy candy which was only 10 cents (then).

I’ve been saving my pennies ever since and hope to be able to afford a movie and candy sometime in the next couple years. And yes – I still have that 1919 penny.

True story.